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    Christian Life, Womanhood

    How do you wait?


    I once read a story of a woman who anticipated her life away. She couldn’t wait to be 16 so she could drive. Then she got a little older, and she looked forward to graduating from college. In college, she met a guy and she couldn’t wait to marry him. Then she couldn’t wait to have kids. When they were babies, she looked forward to the day when she could send them to school so she could have a little freedom. Once they were in school, she couldn’t wait until they were older, more self-sufficient. And then she anticipated the day when they would go to college and leave the nest so she could have time again for her husband and herself. After they spent part of their retirement traveling, she anticipating each next stop, they came home and settled down. She couldn’t wait for grandkids. Years passed. She spent her time with them by anticipating each next step.

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