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    Craggy Gardens Asheville Senior Pictures | Samantha

    You know that friend who picks thorns out of your feet for you, is ready to catch you when you’re standing on a wobbly fence, and carries a cat out of your portraits even though she’s scared of cats? The friend who emails you just to tell you how much she appreciates you, and who smiles and supports you when you raise a hair-brained idea? That’s Sam. She’s the friend who says yes to you rag-curling her hair at 9:30 at night, and sings soprano to your tenor/baritone counterpart. Maybe you haven’t had these exact experiences (they’re pretty unique), but you know who I’m talking about. Everyone has that friend, and if they don’t, they need one like Sam. It’s those friends who end up in your bridal party; those friends who last for life.

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    Senior Portrait Sessions 2016-17


    I am super excited for this coming school year! Not because I am graduating, but because I have practically nagged the two friends of mine who are graduating to death. You see, since I now have a dSLR, and I have been working on my photography skills…..well, I wanted to take their senior portraits! And guess what? They both consented. I’m jumping up and down (okay, not really. the dignity of a rising junior must be kept 😉 with excitement because I love photography, I love my friends, and…I RARELY EVER GET TO PHOTOGRAPH PEOPLE! So this post is mainly for them, but if you are a rising senior this year and interested getting your senior portraits done, this should help if you have any questions! I’ve done a lot of research for this.

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