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    My 2019 Reading List


    Hey, you guys! Happy 2019! How was your New Year?

    Originally this was supposed to be my 2019 reading list, but after I scheduled it I had a sinking feeling that it was going to be awfully boring. XD So a few days later I rewrote it. Then it got too long. XD Today I’m going to surmise some books I am planning to read!

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    My 2017 Reading List // A Big Task


    Before we left for our trip, I had written up a reading list. I was planning to put 24 books on it, and I had 8 to go. I wanted some good theology/doctrine books but didn’t know of any to read that wouldn’t be over my head, so I asked Granddaddy (because he used to be a pastor) for some books, letting him know that my deadline was January 3rd (so I could post it on the 4th.)

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