Interview with Kiley!

Hi, everybody! Today I have an interview with my friend Kiley from The Country Gurl. I’ve known Kiley since she was six or seven, though not very well until about a year ago. It’s so much fun to be bloggy friends as well as friends in person! We decided to do an interview swap, so make sure to go over to her blog after you read this post to see my interview!


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A Bit on Hope Chests


What’s a hope chest? A hope chest is a chest, normally made out of moth-repelling cedar, that an unmarried woman stores items such as linen in anticipation for marriage. Girls store a wide variety of things in them, however! In mine, I have mostly kitchen items – as the kitchen will be my favorite room in my future house. 😉 Today I have to share with you a bit of the history behind hope chests and a interview with one of my very dear friends!

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