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I LOVE POPPIES THEY’RE MY FAVORITE FLOWER IF YOU SEE THIS WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? i need to stop writing in all caps I sound like i’m yelling…but then it’s pretty realistic


    The Fruit of Our Labor


    Well howdy there, folks! A couple weeks ago I took a little farm tour to see how things were growing, and boy, were they! Now they’re even bigger. O.o But since it was a cloudy day, I took my camera along and took pictures. Whilst I was searching for peaches, I found that the cherry trees that we planted four years ago are FINALLY producing, which was the cause of many exclamations on my end. We don’t have very many cherries this year and the birds have been eating most of them, but this is just the start.

    Anyhoo, here’s what’s growing right now in the flower and fruit department.

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