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    New Year, New Series

    How are y’all? Excited for this great New Year? I know, I’m an optimist. However I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a good year. Finally, we’re on another even number. (I dislike odd numbers greatly.)

    With this  new year, I am going to begin a new series. Excited? Yup, me too. Have you seen me posting pictures like this?


    Foot pictures. Which my dad thinks are entirely disgusting. (He just doesn’t like feet.) Well, I thought, I’m always taking foot pictures, so why not turn them into a signature series?

    I asked a few of my readers to come up with a name for me. There were several that I loved, but I narrowed it down. I chose “Traveling Toes” from Lizzie. However, it needed something else. So I changed it to…
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