Canning Tomatoes


We have a lot of tomatoes.

And when I say a lot, I mean it.

We have so many that we have to can them. Last year we made a lot of tomato sauce and salsa, but this year we decided not to. We’ve just been canning plain tomatoes, so that when we need to make sauce and stuff, we’ll have our fresh garden tomatoes.

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Farm Update: Garden

Y’all, the garden grows! It’s crazy. These plants are growing faster than the weeds! A few mornings ago, I went down to the garden with the camera so I could document it all! The pictures turned out really well and I thought I should give y’all a farm update. So here you go!


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Rabbits and a Chicken

Guess what! After at least a year of talking about it, we got rabbits! Meat rabbits my friends, and before you start awwwing, remember that these will be eaten in about six years. We are going to breed them and in December/January, we will have rabbit meat!

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Around the Farm

Hey, y’all! In my goals for May, I said that I was going to post more about farm life. So a few days ago, I took a walk and took lots of pictures of the farm! So here’s a farm photography post :) OH! Before I start, I want to give a shout-out to my friend Hannah (no not this one.) who turned twelve today! Happy Birthday, Hannah!


I started at my house, and some of our flowers in our flower field have been popping up. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

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