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    October Goals | 2019


    Hello, my friends! I regret to inform you of a terrible fact: tomorrow it will be October. What in tarnation? HELP. It was just September!

    Okay, I’m looking forward to a few things this month, but still. Not a fall fan. I know, I know. I’m outnumbered by all the people who absolutely LOOOOVE fall and can’t WAIT to pull out their layers and boots and have already been drinking cider and pumpkin spice lattes and have pumpkins on their doorsteps and, yeah. But I’m the one who holds fast to summer and warmth.

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    Sunsets & Golden Hour Photography

    Last week, we (meaning Granddaddy, Daddy, Mama and Muttie) moved a high tunnel into the garden that Granddaddy and the boys built. It just so happened that it got moved just as the sun was setting – and, as I had my camera, I got some amazing pictures!

    pink-sunset-7875 (2)

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