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    November Goals | 2019


    Greetings, friends! It is November. I know, what riveting information! But seriously guys, how did we get to the eleventh month of the year? O.o I certainly don’t know, believe me! Anyway, per usual, I’m here to review my goals for last month and set some goals for this month.

    Last month was…interesting. I had a lovely and exciting first weekend, and then for the next 2 and a half weeks, I slumped like no one has ever slumped before. In all seriousness, it was pretty bad. I was very low, very unmotivated, and started consolation eating. Guys, I gained six pounds, and my weight never fluctuates like that! Pretty much all I did was mope around, sleep, and eat, and that was not healthy mentally, physically, or spiritually. My walk with God suffered, my productivity suffered, I became a fat blimp, and I neglected to find joy.

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