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    Second to Last BIBPC entry!

    Well, it’s nearly the end! BIBPC is finishing soon. Sad, very sad. So…


    My cousins, running down the lane. And one of them is carrying a slingshot. Seriously, Bobie? A slingshot? Why are you running with a slingshot? You could fall!

    Oh well.

    Do you think this counts as an action shot? Luvems is in the middle of licking his lips…probably he was thinking about some gecko….hehehe. But I’ll enter the first one.






    Photography Contest Entry #3!

    Hey Y’all! Interrupting your scheduled broadcast again! The third category for Megan’s contest was textures. So after seeing this picture that I took, I thought it would be purrrrrrfect. Haha.


    We sprout our seeds for plants in seed blocks; for a while, they reside in my grandparents’ house. This particular plant (I’m not even sure what it is!) has tiny little hairs on the stem. When you touch it, it feels really funny! Look at how they’re kind of glowing in the sun. I just love this picture!

    And…I have an announcement! Pepper from A Dash of Pepper interviewed me on her blog! Go check it out here!

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    Photography Contest Entry #2!

    For Megan’s contest, the second category was Critters. This was hard…I’m not a critter person! Do you guys know how hard it is to find a non-ugly bug out here in the country? Plus, frogs are nowhere to be found and salamanders always get eaten up by the cats, first.

    Anyway. bug


    I asked my cousins to find me a bug and they and my brother all went searching. There were no bugs to be found until…they found one. On the terrace. Then, we went searching for more bugs – we found a locust that was paranoid when anyone moved ten feet near it, a baby beetle that was seriously NOT cute, and…two cats. Why couldn’t the category be cats, Megan? Oh well. Looking forward to the next category!

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    Little Things

    *We interrupt your originally scheduled broadcast to make a special announcement.*

    Hey y’all! So originally, I wasn’t supposed to post today, but I actually had to, to meet a deadline…so…here we go.

    I entered in Megan’s (A Barefoot Gal) photography contest! Her category this time was “Little Things”. I had to think outside the box. I wanted to do something a bit different, but that was still well in the category. So I thought and thought when I came up with this picture and my description on how it fits in that category. (Sorry Megan, no bird!)


    It’s the little things that makes one happy. For me, there are many little things that make me happy. Getting a new book. Receiving a letter in the mail. A fresh, new notebook. Taking Polaroid pictures with friends. Birds chirping and flowers budding. Polka-dot scissors. Pretty highlighters and pens. My own business cards. Singing. Mechanical pencils. Browsing antique shops. Sneakers in my favorite color. Laughing. A cat purring. None of these are all that big, nor would they be considered of great importance to many, yet these are the little things that brighten my day.

    So how do you guys think I did? :)

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