Quick & Easy Breakfasts


Making a quick and healthy but easy breakfast every morning can be tough. Sometimes I feel like saying, “Oh, just have cereal today”. But I feel guilty that I’m not feeding my little brother healthy nutrients. So in order to prevent that from happening, I’ve collected some great breakfast recipes that are both quick AND healthy!

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What’s On My Desk?

Hey, y’all! So I haven’t seen one of these posts yet, but when I sent out my back-to-school questionnaire to my email subscribers, quite a few of them, actually, suggested that I write a post on how I organize my desk/what I keep at my desk…stuff like that.

I loved the idea, of course.

So here’s what is on my desk.


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How I Pack my Backpack


I’m homeschooled, and I don’t do any homeschool co-ops. HOWEVER, I know that not all of you guys are homeschooled as well, and I thought that doing a “what I keep in my backpack” post for you public/private schoolers would be a good idea and helpful! So here’s what I [would] pack in my school backpack.

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