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    Visiting Allison

    Aria 13.1I LOVE this picture of all of us ♥

    Hey, y’all! Today I’ve got the rest of the pictures of our trip up to Allison’s farm. You already saw our Best Friends’ Photoshoot and their Family Photoshoot, and now here are all the pictures from some of the things we did together. We seriously had SO. MUCH. FUN. with Allison’s family. All her siblings are such great sports and patient with people who don’t know how to play games (i.e. my brother and I XD).

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    Farm Girl Interview Swap


    Allison and I are both farm girls, so when I asked her if we could do an interview swap, themed “farm girl”, she totally agreed. It’s been so cool to see our similarities and differences with this and I hope y’all enjoy! Make sure to go read my interview over on her amazing blog!

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