Hannah & Joanna | High School Seniors


Remember Hannah and Joanna from last year? Well, the girls decided they wanted to do a shoot together in the spring, and we decided to do it at our local arboretum.  Friday dawned a beautiful sunny day (which was delightful, because our spring and pre-spring so far has been very cloudy!) so of course we had to battle harsh light, but I think the pictures turned out really well!

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How To fire back at old man winter


Well, the time change is here, and unfortunately, it’s one of the causes of Seasonal Depression. For those who don’t know what seasonal depression is (otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, abbr. SAD), it’s a type of depression that often occurs during the same season each year – for most,  that season is mid fall through winter.  Causes can be: lack of vitamin D (which is naturally derived from the sun), the time change, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and other causes still not known.

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