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    November in Review


    November, November, WHERE Y’ALL AT? *shades eyes with hand* *looks around* Seriously, though, didn’t I just write October’s wrap-up post? *shakes head*

    November was bad jokes and good stuffing. Fall leaves and journaling. Tea and reading. Taking family pictures of my cousins. (Who never look at the camera. In sketchy lighting. It’s okay. They love them.)

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    Best Friends Q&A + Pictures!


    Hey, you guys! Guess what? I’m finally posting the pictures from when Allison was here! (GUYS, she was here A MONTH AGO. What happened?) Anyway, I’m super excited for this post because we’re also finally doing a Q&A together! We’ve had this idea for seriously…months. Actually, ever since before I went to her house. O.o Y’all gave us some great questions, and we had such a fun time answering them!

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    Jam-Filled Hamantaschen Cookies


    I’ve wanted to do a food blog post for a while. Recently, I’ve been brushing up my kitchen skills and while I’m not ALL that crazy about cooking/baking, I do like the products. XD My parents were out of town last week and I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to make something and bring up my photography lights and tripod without too much of a commotion. (Besides, then my brother and I could eat all the cookies and we didn’t have to share!)

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    From the Archives


    Hey, you guys! I was browsing back in Lightroom and discovered that I actually have a good amount of pictures that I never posted, all the way up to nearly a year ago. So I thought I’d do an archive photo dump! Some of these are from a photography challenge I nearly finished and others are just random.

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