A Half May Update


HI CAN YOU BELIEVE MAY IS HALF OVER. Sixteen days until the wedding, folks. What the heck.

I decided that instead of doing a really long May summary whenever I get to it after the honeymoon (probably not until mid-June) I should probably just go ahead and post about what has happened so far because I have a relatively good amount of things to say. Well, and pictures too. 😀

Leading off with the end of April, I painted Junior’s room all by myself! I was very proud of myself. It was originally this super bright green.

IMG_20200427_113209 IMG_20200427_112858

Sadly I didn’t take an after picture. How?

We got a whipped cream maker dispenser thingy and this is my quarantine coffee.


I bought myself a new camera lens – 50mm f/1.4 😀


Then Andrew came out again, and then Allison! Andrew came out because he was off work again, and Allison came down to spend time wtih me before I get married. They ended up overlapping for a few days and it was absolutely wonderful to be with both of my very best friends. We had lovely evenings by the fire and watched an extremely cringy romance movie (that I love but cringe when other people watch it with me, oops).

Sadly we didn’t ANY pictures of all of us, oops! But we did get a mish mash of pictures of Allison and me and also some of Andrew and me. :) We obviously had to have a photoshoot. LOOK OUT BELOW, PICTURES A-COMIN’.

I gave Allison her birthday presents in person!! I loved that because she spent my birthday with me last year!! (Also excuse my horrid face and hair – goodness!)

aria-lisette-73 aria-lisette-75 aria-lisette-77 IMG_20200424_172634


Here are some of my favorites from our photoshoot – we took too many pictures to post them all. 😀

aria-lisette-88 aria-lisette-109 aria-lisette-111 aria-lisette-120 aria-lisette-99 aria-lisette-91 aria-lisette-96 aria-lisette-94 aria-lisette-95

Andrew took the ones of Allison and me, and the ones of me, and Allison took the ones of Andrew and me! Oh and I took the ones of Allison.

aria-lisette-123 aria-lisette-122 aria-lisette-146 aria-lisette-143 aria-lisette-132

aria-lisette-137 aria-lisette-139


Andrew and I opened shower gifts from Allison and a neighbor lady XD

(Yes, we both have box knives on…but I stole mine from my dad!)


I’m not really sure what I was laughing about, but I was laughing about something!



Oh, and behind the scenes. 😀 Whaddya know, Andrew looks like a photographer!


Fleet stopped at our farm on the way up to a bike ride and Allison, Junior, and I stood 10 feet away from him and we had a magnificent conversation. We didn’t get any pictures though.

Then Andrew left and Allison and I had several days together just us! Andrew spent about 4.5 days here and Allison stayed for 6 days. It was great. Oh, and on the photoshoot we got TOOONNNSSS of TERRIBLE gnat bites. 😛

IMG_20200504_174649 IMG_20200504_172022

We built a blanket fort!!




That was fun.

It literally frosted. In May. *screams in protest*


And OH MY, I won’t be doing this for much longer!


Now we’re super busy prepping the house for the wedding (lots of cleaning!) and I actually bought myself a suitcase. It feels like such an adult thing to do…



But obviously since I don’t feel like an adult, I promptly climbed in it. XD


I can’t wait for the end of May!!!


P.S. If you’re wondering why I’ve been posting more phone pictures, even though my phone camera is horrible, I’m trying to be intentional about snapping pictures even when I don’t have my clunky (and wonderful) camera, because I just need to preserve the moment. Apparently I’m doing quantity over quality, but I tend to sacrifice too much for quality!

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