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Andrew in Training (or Spring Photoshoots)


When Andrew and I get married (IN 24 DAYS WAHT), we are going to combine our forces and talents and essentially start a new photography business, together. For those of you who know me well, y’all know I’m sort of kind of obsessed with my photography teachers, Amy and Jordan Demos, and the fact that Andrew and I can be a husband and wife photographer team gets me so so so excited!! Anyway, we have weddings to shoot this fall, and so therefore, I decided I needed to train Andrew.

I’m putting him through the courses from A&J, but he tends to learn better hands-on. So when he was here in April, we went outside three evenings and took pictures. Spring was in bloom and it was gorgeous out, and Andrew did a terrific job. He’s already made it on the A team. XD XD Anyway, here are some of my favorites.



Whew, that was a lot of pictures of me. XD Which was your favorite? Isn’t Andrew doing great? 😀

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