March Rambles


March was not the highlight of my year.

Of course, it wasn’t the lowlight either; obviously the year isn’t over yet, so I don’t know which month will be the worst. And March couldn’t have been too awful – I saw Andrew! It can get much, much worse. But it can also get better. I shall hope for the best. *nods resolutely*

March came in like a lion. Remember how I said I got the flu at the end of February? Well, then my mom got it after I recovered, so I took care of the house (like, feeding people, and making sure we had enough clean dishcloths). On the day after she started to get better, I had a relapse so bad that I could literally only lie in bed. I had no energy for ANYTHING, not even reading! And I am a strict one for personal hygiene, but I didn’t even have enough energy to shower. O.o Definitely it was the worst I’ve ever been sick in years. (note: take my complaints in stride – I’m sure COVID-19 is much worse.)

Well, I had been planning on going to the Oh Beloved One praise service, and sadly, I was not well enough by then. I did recover sufficiently to do a photoshoot for a family friend (not knowing that it was going to be my last photoshoot in a loooooong time). And went to the first church membership class.


Life dragged on as normal, and we arrived at the week of the 15th. I was supposed to fly out to Andrew’s on the 19th (which never felt like it would happen) and sure enough, on Tuesday, my intuition was right. I wasn’t going. I was quite willing to take the risk, but things started to really go down, and my parents were worried about me flying out there. Not only might I pick up the coronavirus, but what if the airlines shut down and I couldn’t get back? (I will admit, not being able to come back home from visiting Andrew wasn’t exactly making me anxious – I would have been quite happy to stay longer with his sister and sEe hIm OfTEn.)

*pauses to cough because in the middle of March I was STILL coughing from the flu I had*


Doesn’t my phone have an AMAZING camera? Oh well.

But, Andrew came and visited me. :) AND I needed that so much. We hadn’t seen each other in 6 weeks, and not only was I doubting if we would ever see each other again, I was pretty much arriving at the point where I was doubting if he even existed, so yeah. AND WE TOOK PICTURES. Andrew and I went hiking (before they shut down the Blue Ridge Parkway!!) up to Craggy Gardens where I love to shoot, and had a picnic, and climbed a tree, and read some of The Penderwicks, and bought flour (loooong story) and went driving down the blue ridge with music blaring and windows down and we held hands and I sang and he whistled and I was literally the epitome of happiness.


aria-lisette-5-4 aria-lisette-13 aria-lisette-6-3

It was awesome. Also J.J. Heller’s song Long Way Home is amazing.

aria-lisette-2-6 aria-lisette-1-15

I have a lot of stuff. ALSO I AM REALLY, TRULY, MOVING.


After Andrew left (taking practically everything I own back with him, as seen above), life went back to – wait, what is normal now? I’m not sure. Earlier in the month, my great-grandma had a stroke, and fell and fractured her hip, so after quite a lot of drama and anxiety and the rehab place locking down, we were able to bring her home (praise the Lord!!) and I started doing physical therapy with her twice a day.

And we made a decision regarding wedding plans, since everything was so…weird and up in the air. (I’ll talk about them later…but we’re not having a big wedding, essentially. I mean, it’s illegal anyway, now…)

And that was my March. A little weird. Praise the Lord, my family has not directly been affected – everyone still has jobs, (well, except for me – I don’t know when I’ll have another photoshoot, but I’m working for my parents, so I’m not broke), no one is sick, and even our extended family is okay.

aria-lisette-8 aria-lisette-10


pc: Andrew!!!

I’m curious as to what April holds. At the beginning of March, if you told me we’d be under a stay-at-home mandate and it would be illegal to have more than 10 people together in one room (GUYS, that’s literally the size of my aunt’s family!), I would have probably said you were crazy. So I can’t imagine what will be not crazy at the end of April, if this all keeps up.

Stay safe. Also, Can’t Complain by Relient K is a great song to listen to.

p.s. how are you doing? can I pray for you? please let me know! 

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