A Ramble of February Happenings


It is March and we have less than 3 months until the wedding. Let that sink in for a minute. I’M GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN THREE MONTHS. LITERALLY, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? *hyperventilates* Anyway, in February things happened and here’s what happened, complete with more pictures of Andrew and me, because WHY NOT? (because you’ll die from our cuteness? ok ok I’m kidding.)

Leading off with…My Fair Lady!


Andrew drove down here for a quick weekend trip to take me to My Fair Lady – Broadway coming through Greenville – for Valentine’s Day! At least, an early Valentine’s Day. My sweet friend Sam did my hair, Fleet came up, and we all had a magnificent steak dinner before Andrew and I left for the show. Which was amazing.

aria-lisette-2 aria-lisette-3 aria-lisette-5 aria-lisette-4

Also no, this is not required attire to see a Broadway show, but I felt like dressing up, so we dressed up. 😀


Many thanks to Fleet for taking pictures. I gave him my camera and he reminded me of Allison as he walked around and snapped pictures. It was great.

Next up…the middle of February was characteristically very quiet. Here’s a mish-mash of pictures from the middle of the month.

It snowed. Several times. But it all melted very quickly.




I took some very moody black and white pictures on a cloudy day.

aria-lisette-3-2 aria-lisette-4-2



I put together a collage!


I decided to document the fact that I looked good one evening when I video chatted with Andrew.




I spent a decent amount of time on my computer. Like, a lot.




My mom and I went up to Highlands (where the wedding venue is) for dinner, a hotel night stay, and a 4-hour meeting the next day to finalize all the food stuff and a whole bunch of other details. I was 2 days into the flu and not feeling the best, but you know, it was still great.

aria-lisette-1-8 aria-lisette-3-5 aria-lisette-2-5 aria-lisette-4-4 aria-lisette-5-3


The farmhouse looks so pretty in the snow. :)



Last but not least, my people are…well, decide for yourself. In order:



*shakes head* Also yes. Allison’s and Megan’s text thingies are colored in their favorite colors. Because why not.

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