A Ramble of Things I Did in January


Greetings, one and all. Yes, I am fully aware that it’s nearly the middle of February. I laugh to think I ever struggled with life before I got engaged. *snorts* BUT I AM BACK from my unannounced hiatus that I keep taking like every month and since I’ve been thinking about this post, I figured I might as well write it.

But first, happy Valentine’s day! Andrew and I went on a date to go see the show My Fair Lady that was coming through Greenville a couple weeks ago, and we had the grandest time. I’m debating whether to share the pictures in a post for themselves or if I should just include them in my February review. Thoughts?


Anyway, in January, I…

Did a lot of wedding stuff. Post coming soon, hopefully.

Visited with my old violin teacher. It was incredibly nostalgic going to her house after 2 years. I almost felt nervous because I hadn’t practiced. XD

Found out I don’t like wedding planning. It stresses me out. I therefore passed the job over to my mom, who loves it and is doing splendidly. *dusts off hands* I’m still HELPING, obviously, she’s just directing.

Met with my friend Monica to discuss On the Incarnation. I made a friend from church who is absolutely lovely and wondered if I’d like to study theology with her, and of course I thought that was a wonderful idea. We started meeting in December to read and study On the Incarnation by Athanasius, and are enjoying it immensely.

Photographed a snowy engagement shoot. Absolutely one of the highlights of my career – I’ve always wanted to do a snow shoot! We froze but it was worth it. Probably besides Layne and Zach’s wedding and Kenny and Callie’s proposal, this is my favorite shoot. It was a great way to start off the year for my business.

Saw Andrew twice. Andrew came up the 10th and, due to a series of incredible circumstances, was actually able to make it here several hours earlier than he normally can. We milked together, had dinner together, and then had a wonderful fireside chat. *dreamy eyes* Then he came down the 31st as well!

Worked hard on my new website. I want to share a sneak peek and I don’t want to at the same time. XD It looks really good, though, and I’m so glad I invested in Showit!!

Scheduled a ton of shoots. I got our engagement shoot scheduled for May 2, and have scheduled/am planning NINE shoots that I’m photographing! O.o GUYS! I started shooting in January this year (won’t have any shoots this month, but it picks up with 3 in March) and will have photographed 9 shoots by May 31. Last year, I started in April and photographed 5 by May 31. That’s almost double, and the season extended by a month earlier. Plus I don’t even have advertising going. And I’m not even trying that hard because I have a million other things going. Y’ALL. I’M PSYCHED.

Worked out consistently 3x a week (on average) and lost 4-5 pounds. I started working out with my friend Sam and oh dear, I was such a wimp. XD I’m doing so much better now, and from a combination of that and my diet, I went from around 127 to 122! Which is really quite good, because I wasn’t TRYING to lose weight, I just want to get strong and lose my puffy stomach fit. My arms are WAY stronger now and I’m walking around flexing my muscles. XD (YES I’m strange and amusedly so.)

Went off gluten for 3 weeks. So I noticed that I was getting bloated, did some research, and decided that I should try going off gluten to see if that did anything (to my bloating, mood, acne, etc). I also went super lean and green, eating a ton of salads and veggies and very little carbs. Result? I still don’t know if I’m gluten intolerant and I still don’t know if it really made a difference. *shrugs* I went back on gluten and didn’t really notice much, but since I’m on a new exercise regimen I’m off carbs in general for another 5 weeks. I’m going to get my blood tested and see what that comes back saying.

Made and brought a meal to my friend Amy who had a baby! My parents were gone and I felt very adultish, making the meal all by myself. Too bad I couldn’t drive and bring it myself. I guess I’m not 100% an adult yet. XD


Goal Assessment

Goal 1: Invest in my friendships

I think I did an okayish job at this? I tried to keep up pretty well with my friends and not lose track of where they were, and I didn’t succeed perfectly, but I think I did a better job being aware of what was going on in their lives.

Goal 2: Relaunch the business

I really did quite well with this one! The bulk of the website was finished by the end of the month, and I’m really happy with the progress.

Goal 3: Grow intentionally

*grunts* I overlooked this one in January, whoops. I DID, however, learn how to do astrophotography, so that counts. A little bit.

Goal 4: Become fit and healthy

YAASSSS. I think I did pretty well with this one. I’ve always found it hard to be consistent with exercising and get motivated enough, so I’m so glad that I’m doing it with a partner! I’m not to where I need to be (no six-pack yet!) but I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made.

Aaaaaaand that’s it! How was your month?

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