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Winter: A Photo Dump


It’s been a really long time since I just posted a bunch of photography.


I mean, that’s probably understandable, right? I’ve been just a little busy, and get ready for a life ramble probably next week or so. 😉 HOWEVER. I have been taking pictures, and I learned some new stuff, and well…it’s about time I share it. So.

First off, photos from vacation down at Amelia Island! My mom has an affinity for feeding seagulls, and I went down with her and took pictures, naturally. Whilst we were doing so, behind me there was a guy proposing to his girlfriend! Since it’d only been like, three weeks since I got engaged, I got all teary. 😀

aria-lisette-10aria-lisette-13 aria-lisette-5 aria-lisette-4 aria-lisette-15 aria-lisette-3 aria-lisette-2-2aria-lisette-16

Also while we were in FL, we got our family pictures done for the last time as the four of us! Natalie Broach did them and she was really fun to work with. (Also really good, and MAN, I’m rather envious of her work. HELP, I NEED TO GET BETTER FAST! XD) Don’t worry, we got many more breakouts, but I wanted to post some of my favorites of myself with each family member, as I’m really going to treasure these pictures. <3 Ooh, and fun fact: I got my hair and makeup professionally done for this, and it was the first time I’d ever done that, so that was fun. 😀

aria-lisette-3-2 aria-lisette-1-18 aria-lisette-2-3 aria-lisette-4-2 aria-lisette-5-2 aria-lisette-6-2

Then, back home, we had a spectacular sunset one evening.

aria-lisette-1-19 aria-lisette-2-4

And then I had to play around with my macro lens extension tube and my ring. 😉


And then Andrew’s best friend Fleet happens to be really good at astrophotography and taught me how to do some, and WOW, GUYS. EEP.

aria-lisette-5-3 aria-lisette-2-5 aria-lisette-3-3 aria-lisette-1-21 aria-lisette-4-3

That last one, though! Guys, those stars are actually moving, because of the earth rotating. Isn’t that the coolest ever? AHH.

So yeah! That’s about it for photography for the last month or so. :) What’s your favorite picture?

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