A Quick Update


Hello, my friends! (And Andrew – I KNOW you read my posts. <3)

I just wanted to pop in and say – wow. Thank you all so much for your very enthusiastic – and many! – responses to my engagement! Y’all are awesome and I think you guys almost broke the internet with so many comments. XD I am so, so excited to share about my life – as an engaged girl, planning a wedding – and next year, as a young wife! I can’t believe it. I can remember quite well when I first started blogging four and a half years ago, and I was determined to blog all the way through my changes. You guys have seen changes. I’ve gone from a super awkward new teenager to an engaged woman (who is still a teenager XD). And you’re going to see more changes, Lord willing!

I definitely plan to keep blogging. I love blogging so much – it really is an outlet, a personal journal with pictures. INFJs tend to be private – but I’m not that private, I don’t think. I love sharing about my life, especially if others find it interesting and helpful.

I’m really excited for you all to follow me on this journey as a young bride to a young homemaker. I know quite a few of y’all were shocked at my engagement. It is abnormal for an eighteen-year-old to be engaged after knowing a guy for six months. I wonder if some of you wonder if it will even work out. I pray it does. I truly believe God has brought Andrew and me together – we can see His hand in the process absolutely everywhere. I do not plan to be a perfect bride, planning a perfect wedding, to marry a perfect knight in shining armor, to decorate a perfect house and raise a perfect family. No, my life is far from perfect. I will face challenges being so young. Already I know too well that I am immature and selfish.

But you know? I’m going to learn from it. I’m going to grow. God has sanctified me through the courtship process, and He’s sanctifying me through the engagement, and I KNOW He’s going to use marriage to sanctify me. Y’all, I’m going to write about some of the struggles. Because we’re just not perfect. And we can get it to look good on camera and in writing, but the fact is: we’re sinners.

And that’s what makes me so excited about keeping up my blog. Yes, I want to share the pretty things and the cute things and the exciting things – but I want y’all to read about the struggles. I want to be raw, real, open. Because you might need it, one day.

All this to say, this was supposed to be a post telling you guys I’m taking a break until the end of the year. As y’all can imagine, I’m really busy! We’ve got a lot of wedding planning to nail down in the next few weeks, and are going on a family vacation, and I need to step back right now. Don’t worry – I promise I’ll come back! I really am excited to document this stage of my life. I will come back with a bang, with that series that I promised, and lots and lots of details about planning our wedding.

Until then! See y’all in three weeks. :)

P.S. Photo credit to Andrew’s friend Fleet. 😀

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