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A Scrunchie Review Featuring The Striped Plaid Co


Hello, my friends!

Today I have some awesome scrunchies to share with you all! Juuuuust in time for all your Christmas shopping, too! My friend Hannah from The Striped Plaid Co sent me a couple of her scrunchies from her Etsy shop, and being a big fan of scrunchies in general, I loved them. :) ALSOOO I got my hair colored a bit darker! Y’all will have to tell me what you think. Do you like it darker? Or lighter?


When I was scrolling Hannah’s Etsy page I fell in LOVE with the rose gold scrunchie. I mean, come on! There’s nothing like that color of light pink with a little gold in it. It almost makes it a neutral. Rose gold goes with so many different colors, from spring ones to fall and winter ones, and I know this will be a staple!


Next up, I KNEW I needed the black and white plaid one.  Because 1) plaid and 2) how can you go wrong with black and white?


This one I KNOW will go with everything, and I love the cotton! The rose gold is silkier and smooth, but this one has a cotton texture, and it’s just nice. XD Also the BUNNY EARS!


(Also don’t I have an excellent background?) Hannah’s scrunchies came individually packaged together in a rose gold mailer, and her packaging is just fabulous. Totally would make a great gift!



AHH PRETTY. I do my hair in a bunch of half-ups and side ponytails, and I can’t wait to wear these all season long! I’ll probably wear them out by spring. XD So tell me – do you like my hair a little darker? Do you use scrunchies? Aren’t these cute?

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