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An Adventure in Twinkle Light Photography


Hello, friends! Oh my goodness, I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THESE PICTURES WITH YOU. My aunt gave me some fairy lights and I had the brilliant idea to play around with some pictures in the dark. Well, I did. And guess what: I LOVED it! My friend Ceci was coming over to model for shoot and I had another brilliant idea: use her as a guinea pig to do cool stuff with fairy lights AND sunsets! And I did, and AHHH THE PICTURES TURNED OUT SO WELL.

Now, this style of photography is like, polar opposite from what I generally do. XD But that’s okay! One of my goals for the month was to take more pictures and I do like exploring different styles. Tomorrow, I’m posting the bright and airy photos from the first part of her shoot on my website, you can check them out if you like. :)

First, here are the pictures I did by myself in my room with my remote. :)

aria-lisette-2 aria-lisette-3 aria-lisette-5 aria-lisette-6 aria-lisette-4 aria-lisette-8 aria-lisette-7 aria-lisette-11 aria-lisette-1 aria-lisette-9

It took quite a few adjustments to try and figure out how to edit these pictures, but once I figured it out, I made a couple Lightroom presets that worked for them all! And now…for the outside pictures with Ceci. 😉


I edited the top one differently from this one, just to try out a couple things. I love how the sunset looks! It really didn’t look like that at ALL in person, I had to really edit it. Which do you before?



aria-lisette-6-15aria-lisette-3-17aria-lisette-8-13aria-lisette-10-7aria-lisette-12-5aria-lisette-16aria-lisette-17 aria-lisette-15-2 aria-lisette-11-6 aria-lisette-9-10 aria-lisette-14-3

So what do y’all think? Do you like the dark, dreamy, moody style? I will probably never shoot professionally like this for all too many reasons, but it really is fun to play around with. Which were your favorite photos?

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