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Everyday Full Face Makeup Tutorial


Hey ladies! I have gotten so many requests for makeup tutorials that I have finally decided to post one. I really don’t know why, because I pretty much do the same kind of makeup all the time and really am not creative with it, but whatever. XD Your pleas have been heard.

Today I’m doing a simple matte eyeshadow look as well as the rest of the face. This look is perfect for everyday if you wear makeup daily, which I don’t, so that means this is my “everyday” look that I just do if it’s a weekday and a friend is coming over or we have company or something. :)

Please forgive my writing as I’m not very good at giving specific directions! I shall do my best. Are you ready?

Welcome to my non-makeuped face. *hides* Okay, okay, it’s not that bad.


Step one: Prep your eyelids by applying eyeshadow primer. I 100% recommend this! My eyeshadow stays in place much better if it has something to stick to! I generally just smudge it on with my finger.


Step two: Apply a light matte eyeshadow over your entire lid. I use “married life” from the Tarte Aspyn Ovard palette which I think they’ve discontinued; it’s just the lightest one on the bottom far left (not the gold highlighter).

Step three: Clean your brush and apply a slightly darker matte (I used “santorini sands”) over the outside half of your eyelid.

Step four: Clean your brush and apply a medium-dark matte (I used “high school sweetheart”) in the outer crease of your lid.

Step five: Clean your brush and lightly apply a small amount of a dark matte (I used “road trip”) in the very outside corner of your lid.


Step six: Clean your brush and apply a very light shimmer to your inner crease and brow bone. (I used “brilliance”)


(Lovely name. XD)

Step seven: Apply your mascara. I generally pump the brush, wiggle it from the bottom to the top of my lashes a few times, pump it again, and repeat several times.


Step eight: Apply your preferred foundation. I use a powder foundation for daily use because it provides decent coverage and I can use a small brush to cover over specific spots I want.


Step nine: Brush a matte blush on the apples of your cheeks, fading out as you near your hairline. (I used the blush from the eyeshadow palette.)


Step ten: Apply a highlighter shimmer just above the blush. (I used the one from the eyeshadow palette.)


(Oof, my fingers.)

Step eleven: Pencil in your eyebrows. I use an eyebrow wax and a tiny angled brush. You can either follow the natural shape of your eyebrow with short brush strokes, or you can draw a line on the bottom and a line on the top and fill them in.


Step twelve: Apply a natural light matte lipstick. I had a request for instructions on how to apply lipstick, and it’s kind of hard to describe! But I use a liquid which is easier than a stick, and run it across my bottom lip and then my top lip, not to the corners of my lips, but then I rub them together to get it on the corners naturally. Sometimes I have to fix mistakes with Q-tips.


And this is the final result!

So, what did you think? Should I do more makeup tutorials? Or am I pathetic at them? XD

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