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Teal Dress & Plaid Scarf Outfit


Yay, another fall outfit!

It was a beautiful morning the other day, and since we have the most gorgeous trees around (that I still didn’t get enough of in the pictures), I decided to throw on a church outfit and get some pictures. And GUYYYSSSS, I love this outfit! Teal and basically any shade of blue is my favorite, and the scarf, and the dress extender, and the boots…cue the heart-eyes.


I have a love-hate relationship with scarves. Sure, they keep my neck warm. BUT THEY’RE SO BIG. I feel like they swallow me up! And have you ever tried eating in them? I can’t. Just can’t. But, I mean…I love this scarf a whole lot. Because it’s TEAL. And navy, yellow, and burgundy, and basically fall in a scarf and it’s absolutely my favorite thing ever. I just don’t especially like wearing it, so I’ve yet to decide if I’ll actually wear it with this outfit or put a necklace with the dress instead, but…


(I always end up getting my remote in my favorite picture. XD) I got this lovely dress on ThredUp, and I’m very pleased with my purchase because IT’S TEAL. Plus it fits, and it’s almost long enough for me even without the dress extender. But the dress extender adds lace, and I like lace, and it also makes it easier to sit down, so. And ooh, what do y’all think about the boots? I needed a pair, so I bought them from Amazon, and I really like them! They’re slightly wide for me, and just a little tall for my preferred skirt/dress length, but they’re warm and good quality for the price, so I’m happy!


I love wearing my hair down, but that’s the other problem with scarves – it’s just completely impractical to wear your hair down. Because then you have hair AND scarf getting in your way and pretty soon no one’s going to see your face. Not that my face is that important sometimes – and when I’m in a group of people it’s an EXCELLENT device for introverted me, but still. Slight problem. So what I was going to say was that this hairstyle is one of my favorites (as long as I’m seen from the braided angle) and EEP my hair is finally long enough to do it! I’ll put a link for a tutorial below.


AAAANNNDD that’s enough pictures of me today. XD Here are the links so you can copy me and put your own outfit together!

Dress: Similar (plus this one has pockets!)
Scarf: VERY similar (and cheaper than mine, GRRR)
Slip Extender
Hairstyle Tutorial

P.S. Anyone else think my hair looks gray?

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