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Hello, my friends! Wow, look – a picture that doesn’t have a light and airy white background! Anyway. I am here today on this lovely dark and dismal Saturday to announce that my best friend Allison just released her SECOND poem book, and today I’ll be attempting to gather my thoughts and review it as a part of her blog tour! NOW, I know that your default MIGHT be to click off this email or post because ugh, a book review, seriously? I mean, they’re nice and all, but just a little boring. NO. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. Because Allison is ALSO running a giveaway and you have to read all the way down AND COMMENT to enter the giveaway, and it features FUZZY SOCKS. AND TEA. And oh, her book too, did I mention that? And my review is going to feature pretty pictures and mindblowing quotes so you’d better click to read the rest. Come on, guys!

Whew, you’re in. That took some work! Y’all shouldn’t be too hard to lasso in, but then…oh well. Sorry, I know I usually don’t write posts like this, now do I? I’m feeling very conversational today. *grins* Mostly because I’M SO EXCIIIIITEEEEDDD! *dances around and forgets to compose myself like the adult professional I’m supposed to be* Guys, I’ve been waiting and WAITING for Allison to launch this book and I simply am over the moon that she finally has because it’s an absolute work of art. So let’s dive right in, shall we? (Turn on some fall music now.)


First, let’s just take a moment and admire this gorgeous cover. I mean…Allison’s last book cover was pretty and cute, but this one? To quote someone I showed it to, “Woooow.” One of the things I love about Allison’s books is that they encapsulate some of her artistic talents with her writing talent, and it’s really neat to have them both together.


Secondly, EEP LOOK AT ALL OF THAT! There are a hundred poems altogether, and I marked my favorites for whoever I loan it to. Which will be a lot of people, actually; I wish everyone could read this book.


You see, it’s not just that her poems are beautiful – they speak to my soul. Allison has an uncanny way of putting into words some of my deepest feelings – ones that I almost didn’t even think were wordable. That’s what this is: beautifully worded feelings.



Favorite Quotes

you long to be known,

not with a passing smile,

but with a love that cannot turn away.

you long for a love that will

be silent with you,

sitting inside the shell;

not alone.” – knock, knock


i’m scared it won’t end like the stories do” – cliffhanging


some seeds can’t grow without a fire.

burn the face of my soul clean now.

grow beauty from these embers.” – wildfire


so go to the brave ones who are sobbing inside.

sit down and listen.

be the one who understands.” – the brave ones


I skimmed through the book again as I was picking up some of my favorite quotes to share, and guys – I started crying again at some of them. Allison’s poems make me cry a lot…they’re just raw, real, and perceptive. Allison bares her heart in this book – and you can tell she’s a bit hesitant, but wants to help. Those are the best writers. The writers who write from their heart and are nervous about sharing it – but in the end, because it was so raw and real, it helps us more than anything else.

I wish I could write like this. But it’s second-best to have a best friend who can. Yes, this is very personal to me – but read this book. I’m not completely biased. It is amazing.

Now, if you don’t know who Allison is, let me enlighten you. :)


Allison Beery is a Christian teen with a passion for creating and capturing beauty, whether it’s through writing, art, photography, or taking a walk in the woods. She lives on a big farm in Central Virginia with her parents, four siblings, and a multitude of pets. She strives to glorify God in everything and love people genuinely. Learn more about her at her blog, A Farm Girl’s Life, or stalk her art Instagram @thecolorboxstudio.

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And that’s about it, guys! So, you’ll have to go check out Allison’s post from yesterday to enter the giveaway, and by commenting on my post, you get an extra entry! So here’s my question for you: do you cry at poetry? And do you prefer fuzzy socks or scarves? AND CHECK OUT SPARK HERE.


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