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Hello, my friends! I regret to inform you of a terrible fact: tomorrow it will be October. What in tarnation? HELP. It was just September!

Okay, I’m looking forward to a few things this month, but still. Not a fall fan. I know, I know. I’m outnumbered by all the people who absolutely LOOOOVE fall and can’t WAIT to pull out their layers and boots and have already been drinking cider and pumpkin spice lattes and have pumpkins on their doorsteps and, yeah. But I’m the one who holds fast to summer and warmth.

Nevertheless, despite my hatred of cold weather, I do have some goals for this month, and I’m going to look at last month’s goals as well. Ready?

September’s Goals

  • Get on track with finances
    Sort of. I didn’t completely stay on budget, but it was a weird money month. I did get things pretty well organized in a new budgeting program, so that’s good! 
  • Save $500
    HAHAHAHA. HA. HA. Yeah, turns out I needed some new fall clothes, and that goal…shrunk. Especially since I didn’t make as much money as I was hoping as well. 
  • Get a credit card
    Nope. NO ONE WILL ACCEPT MY APPLICATION. I might have applied for too many, as well…gotta get the hang of this credit card thing.
  • Start and keep a morning routine
    Semi-ish? I did for maybe half the month, but yeah. Didn’t do so well.
  • Start and keep an evening routine
    MOSTLY I did okay with this one. 
  • Read 5 list books
    Well ACTUALLY, I thought I’d failed this one but I actually did read 5!  
  • Go to the book sale
    YES! And it was quite wonderful.
  • Cook 2x a week
    Except for one day I missed because I was sick (again), I consistently cooked twice a week, so yay! 
  • Be consistent with scheduling social media
    Yes! Every Monday!
  • Organize out transitional fall clothes
    Yes for this one too! 

September in Review

Heaven1919890237491105120380Money, Possessions and Eternity

September was a pretty good month! The above books are the ones I read on my list. A few others I read this month that I really enjoyed were Elizabeth Elliot’s The Mark of a Man, Cultivate by Lara Casey, It’s a Wonderful Life by Terrie Chappell, and Trenton Lee Stewart’s new novel, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages.

This month, I went to the book sale, got over a cold, caught another one, went to a potluck dinner where I knew basically no one but succeeded in not being too much of an awkward introvert, had a couple of slow weeks, and did all the basics: work for my dad (which diminished sadly), shopped for fall clothes, and did chores.


I also tried out bantu knots, and ended up with rather frizzy but pretty cute natural-looking curls.

Music on repeat this month would be Sleeping At Last. LOVE THEM.


Blog Posts from September

9/2 – In which I run out of words and briefly state my goals for September.

9/6 – I post my first outfit post, about my everyday outfit.

9/10 – In which I tackle a hard subject: love at first sight and why I don’t believe in it.

9/17 – I post a very popular outfit post that everyone seemed to LOOVE, including myself. :)

9/21 – In this post, I shared my number 1 regret…and challenge you not to follow in my footsteps.

9/21 – Another outfit post, a chic church outfit that isn’t 100% me but still nice. :)


October’s Goals

I think this month will be fairly busy, but busy is good. I would so much rather be busy than not! Here are my goals for the month. :)

  • Only spend $100 out of my personal account (not counting subscriptions) and save all the rest
  • Read 5 list books
  • Make 13 dinners
  • Start and finish the next Nouthetic counseling course
  • Answer letters within 1 week of receiving them
  • Get back into piano or art

And that’s it, my friends! What are your goals for the month? Did you have a good September?


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