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My Everyday Outfit


Either it’s a rut or a routine, but I seem to wear the same thing every day. Whatever it is, it’s comfortable and easy, and looks halfway decent, even though this antisocial homeschool graduate doesn’t see many people.

Not that I’m really antisocial. But still. If you were to happen upon me on a random day from Monday-Saturday, you’d very likely find me wearing my favorite skirt and tee shirt, which is what this post majorly consists of. Since I don’t wear jeans, I settle for the best alternative – actually, I don’t want an alternative, because I’m very happy wearing a skirt. I’ve never tried on a pair of jeans, but my overalls most certainly are extremely uncomfortable compared to skirts. Anyway, I should just show you instead of rambling on, shouldn’t I?



Neglecting the fact that I don’t wear makeup every day, this outfit is quite representative of what I wear. It’s super easy, because I have a nice supply of tee shirts in a drawer, and all I do is grab one, throw on this skirt, and ta-da! I’m done, and if I make an effort with my hair¬† and face, I look pretty good. Mostly. Some days, it’s a failure no matter what I do.


Sadly, I only have two shirts that are light blue/mint, but they go quite nicely with this skirt from Inherit, and a half-tuck helps to define the waist, which keeps it from looking frumpy.

Shirt: Courage Dear Heart Shirt in Heather Dusty Blue

Skirt: Carly Midi Skirt



And that’s it! So what is your daily outfit like?

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