18 in 19 | Birthday Harvest!


Haha oh my goodness I am finally done with this birthday series! It’s been so much fun but I am definitely ready to get on to other posts now. :) Many credits to Allison for the title! We both really dislike the word “haul”. XD Anyway, I soooo wanted to do one of these posts last year because I LOOVE reading haul posts but I couldn’t because this blog was all business! So I was so excited when I started personal blogging again and I can’t wait to share!

Just a disclaimer, this is certainly not to brag or anything! I really do love reading posts like this and am pretty sure most of y’all do as well. 😉

To start things off, my mom spent SOOO much time creating this family favorites cookbook for me! The inside is absolutely beautiful and filled with recipes from both sides of the family and old pictures!





My mom also gave me this cookbook that I had put on my wishlist and wanted for quite a while! It’s really cute inside, filled with tons of pretty pictures of food, stories, and illustrations. :) I love Molly Yeh!


My parents also gave me these awesome Chacos that I have wanted for a while! I have a regular pair of Chacos but I wanted a nicer kind to wear to weddings and such and they have great support but look nice on the feet! I’m such a Chacos fan! Also I got some sweet boho decorations that are pretty hard to photograph. :)



My aunt gave me some kitchen stuff for my hope chest, a Yeti water bottle I’d been wanting for long wedding days, a necklace and a cute tee shirt!

aria-lisette-11-3 aria-lisette-12-3 aria-lisette-22 aria-lisette-23

My grandparents gave me some eco-friendly nonstick cake pans for my hope chest and contributed to my growing dish collection! I’m not sure what the dish style is but Muttie (my grandma) has a full set and she has slowly been passing it down to me over the years!

aria-lisette-13-2 aria-lisette-14-2

I got three of these I think!



They also gave me some gold hoops!



My best friend Allison gave me this really gorgeous edition of Pride and Prejudice!


She also gave me this sweet watermelon soap, two different sizes of lightweight gold hoops, blue washi tape (!!!), a fabulous set of Micron pens that I’d been wanting, AANNDD, this gorgeous notebook that sadly has not arrived yet but I  CAN’T WAIT to get. :)

aria-lisette-9-3 aria-lisette-17-2 aria-lisette-18-2 aria-lisette-6-4


My friend Megan gave me these wonderful pens and this fabulous color of blue nail polish!


My friend Sam gave me a medium Happy Planner and accessories, Pilot G-2 pens, and a sweet bullet journal! They should tide me over until the New Year when I can get a Cultivate What Matters planner!

aria-lisette-7-3 aria-lisette-1-2


My friend Caroline gave me a Hobby Lobby gift card and my Aunt C gave me a couple Visa gift cards! I didn’t photograph those because they had important information on them and besides, I’ve already used them. 😀 I love having gift cards as well as actual gifts!

And that’s it! Have you tried the Pilot pens? Or any of the other pens? I’ve already tried them all out and loooovvee them.

Check out the rest of the posts in this series!

ALSO BEFORE I GO! I created a personal instagram account for my blog, so go follow me @arialisetteblog!

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