18 in 19 | Best Friends Photoshoot


When I FIRST thought that Allison was coming down the weekend after my birthday, I immediately texted my friend Amy Ortiz to see if she could come and do a photoshoot of us. For a while I’ve wanted to do a paint fight with Allison, since she’s an artist (and I’m an amateur artist XD), but of course, it’d been 10 months since we had pictures done! And I needed a new phone home screen!

Anyway, when Allison came down a week early and surprised me, I wasn’t sure if Amy could still take our pictures…but she did! I was so thrilled, and we were even able to get paint and white t-shirts in time as well. We started out with long dresses, and then went right into the paint fight. We had a blast and here are some of my faves. :)

I took a few of just Allison, and I’m so glad I did. :) She’s so pretty in with the zinnias!


Amy got a few of me with my birthday balloon! :)



And then…before:


And out comes the paint!


In which Allison casts a spell over me… XD

aria-photo-asheville-nc-photographer-hendersonville-39aria-photo-asheville-nc-photographer-hendersonville-41 aria-photo-asheville-nc-photographer-hendersonville-37

We were rather colorful afterwards. XD

aria-photo-asheville-nc-photographer-hendersonville-44 aria-photo-asheville-nc-photographer-hendersonville-43

And that’s it! Have you ever had a paint fight? We had such a great time. :)


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