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Hellooo, friends! I am so happy to finally be posting this! I have been down and out for the past week with a terrible cold my dad gave me and so it has taken me much longer than I wanted to finish editing these pictures and getting this post together! I still probably have 3-4 days to go before I’m 100% again, but I’m finally feeling better and am so excited to share this post with y’all. :)

For several weeks leading up to my birthday, I was rather suspicious. Well, I’m always a bit suspicious of my mom because she likes to give surprises, but I had other reasons that I’m choosing not to divulge (it’d take far too long anyway). All I knew was that I really, really wanted my best friend to come for my birthday, but I wasn’t pestering her because I was about 70% sure she actually was coming.

Until about a week before my birthday, when I started to get a little more doubtful. And then I started arranging things, driving everyone nuts, and broadcasted to the world that Allison was coming down the week after my birthday. I’d called her up on the phone and “convinced” her to come down the week after because she had a dance the day after my birthday.

Well, the day of my birthday, I was probably only 30% sure she was coming, due to all my arranging (which confused everyone and kept my mom on her toes). My dad and I went out to lunch, as per tradition, and when we came home I very carefully checked for cars. I didn’t see any foreign vehicles and all the property ones were where they normally are, so I became less and less sure that anything was going on until we got home, and I saw a poster and a balloon. (Not pictured because I can’t find a decent one!)

When my mom opened the door, she said I looked disappointed. Perhaps I did, because I had told her to save the decorations until Allison could come next week! She told me that my grandparents were coming up and to run downstairs and put on my long blue tulle skirt (favorite thing EVER) and to come back up.

So I did. And she led me around the corner…


And there was Allison. And Megan. And my friends Sam and Hannah. And  I ran, made the sound of someone in pain, and collided right into Allison.


It was a quite wonderful surprise party, although I was rather dazed and confused for a while. XD My mom just so happens to be the BEST party planner ever – and can take almost any curveball I can throw at her. I had such a wonderful, memorable time with my friends and I certainly won’t ever forget this birthday!



If you want to see a few more pictures from my birthday weekend, check out Allison’s blog post. :)

Oh and CREDIT DUE – Allison pretty much took all of these pictures except the very top, for which I’m very thankful for! <3

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