18 in 19 | 18 Things I’m Thankful For


Hello, my friends! Today is my eighteenth birthday. 😀 I have a bunch of posts planned because I’m going to have soooooo many pictures to share (EXCITING THINGS HAPPENING!) but I thought I’d start off the series with 18 things I’m thankful for. My entire life has been characterized by blessings, and I could not be any more blessed. I am so thankful for everything God has given me and so I want to set the tone for my life as an adult (whaaaat?!) with this list. :) Aaaannndd, because I was born on International Cat Day, above is a picture of Tiger and myself. 😀

1. Jesus Christ, Who took the blame and bore the wrath, and saved me from my sins.

2. God, Who made me, knew me before He even formed me, and chose me to be His child!

3. My incredible family, who raised me according to the Bible and taught me so many things.

4. My mom, who has worked hard her entire life, and sets a wonderful example for me to follow. She has loved me in spite of all my shortcomings and every day invests in my life.

5. My grandmother, who schooled me for many years, took me to violin lessons, and read to me.

6. My dad, who has also worked hard his entire life, but still made time for me, taught me what was right and wrong, and loved me.

7. My grandfather, who has taught me so many things I never knew and is my spiritual mentor.

8. My aunts, my uncle, and all my cousins – I can’t list them all singly because they’d fill up the entire list, but I am so thankful for the investment they all have made in my life!

9. My amazing best friend, who prays for me, listens to me cry, writes me long letters that I take forever to respond to, and rolls her eyes at me every once and a while.

10. My incredible life as a farm girl, including fresh food, raw milk, and the freedom that comes with living on a farm, such as having three cats, a cow, and a flock of chickens.


11. My friends online and near me – who put up with me in spite of my being a little strange at times and are always there if I need them.

12. My brother (these aren’t in order, by the way!), who continually makes me laugh day after day, and who would pretty much do anything if I asked – albeit grudgingly. XD

13. My job for my dad, because I don’t have to leave the house or interact with strangers (HOMESCHOOLED INTROVERT).

14. My 12 years as a homeschooler, even though I’m slightly anti-social (juuuust kidding, I kind of love people XD), I learned so much more than I ever would have if I hadn’t been homeschooled.

15. My church, because we’ve finally found one with good teaching, and I’m so happy to be there.

16. My blog, because I’ve met so many people, grown as a person, and found what I wanted to do through it.

17. Amy and Jordan’s photography training because without it, I’d have taken years to get to where I am now.

18. A million other things  I haven’t space or time to mention, but seriously all of my very many blessings. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to look at my life and think of all the ways that it’s so amazing. All I can do is bow before God, thank Him for everything, and humbly admit I don’t deserve anything.

Thank you, dear readers, for following along with me, supporting me, and being epic. :) It’s been four years this month that I’ve been blogging online, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I love you all! ❤

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