Hello, again, hello


It seems as if my blogging routine nowadays is to hop on, call attention to the fact that I’ve been gone for AGH FOREVER, post a few times, and promptly disappear. I have this fear of becoming one of “those” bloggers (sorry if you’re one of them!) who post irregularly and infrequently and drive everyone crazy but after all, it’s my blog! And when my life gets full and busy, blogging almost immediately takes the back burner. See, the order of priority is this: personal life > work > hobbies.

And the other thing is – well, this blog is to document my life, but my life is kind of regular. I mean honestly, there are some things happening that are very exciting but I can’t share them right now and the rest isn’t exactly photogenic. But I’m going to try harder because it is rewarding. And I do enjoy blogging!


Most of the pictures I’ve taken – if not all – have been work-related. Aka photoshoots. But I have taken some flower pictures recently when I was shooting a wedding and some other times, so yeah.

This is just a boring ramble. Can you believe it’s the end of July already? My birthday is next week and I’m super excited to share the pictures from it and do a harvest post and all. I wished I could have done that last year but this blog was all work-related then.


My question for you guys is: what would you like to see? Obviously not boring rambles, but I’d love to know. Recently I have considered changing things a  bit. Besides my normal life posts, I’ve been thinking about posting modest fashion (I really enjoy putting together outfits and clothing, as Allison can tell you) and deeper, faith-related posts. What would you guys think if I took that turn? A little more serious, perhaps? I feel like right now, blogging about all my interests, it’s a little all over the place and you’re never sure what to expect. After all, I am pretty multi-faceted.

The new tagline could be: Faith, Fashion, and Life on the Farm. What think ye?


All in all, don’t worry, y’all. I’m not going to give up blogging. I love my community, even if I don’t have a legit tribe, and having a place to share my thoughts and my pictures! I know it’ll be super great when I eventually get married and have kids, as well.

So…changes. Yes or no?

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