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3 Ways to Look Vintage


photo credit Hannah Catherine Photography

Hello, my friends! Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all my top three tips for looking vintage.

A couple of years ago, I was super into the whole 1940s-50s vintage thing! I was so obsessed with it and that was my full-time style! I’ve relaxed into a more casual style now and am wearing clothes that I wouldn’t wear then like maxi dresses and t-shirts, but I’m convinced that I’ll never be able to leave the vintage style completely. Even when I’m wearing something modern I still feel like I look a little vintage! So for those of you who like the retro style as well, here are my tips!

I’m sure y’all can find plenty of tutorials on how to go completely vintage where you pretty much look like you’re wearing a costume. But these are just for incorporating¬†a classic Hollywood, silver-screen touch.


photo credit Hannah Catherine Photography


It’s the Puff

What the heck is the puff? Well, it’s this little raised section on the top of your hair that gives your face a little volume. It hearkens to the 60s beehives, actually, but the Puff Is Vintage. (See how to make a puff here.)


Another option is the Twist! This is something I do very often and it’s super easy. If I’m pulling half of my hair back, I’ll part my hair on the side and twist it around.

These here are a few easy, vintage-inspired hairstyles that don’t look costumey but still hearken to the Golden Era!

Gibson Tuck | Puff Ponytail | Braid Updo | Twist Back |


Define the Waist

All you have to do is go look back at 1940s-1970s clothing to find example after example of waist-defined clothing! Skirts would be high-waisted, pants, dresses would have a waist…

No slouchy sweaters, thank you. The goal of the 1940s was the hourglass figure, so waist-defined clothing was very important! The great thing is that it’s pretty easy to find dresses like this and even high-rise pants.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about! For the dresses, you can totally go costume if you add a petticoat, but I wouldn’t if you want a subtle look.

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Pants | Skirt


photo credit Hannah Catherine Photography

Red. Red. Red.

I don’t know what exactly it is about red that is so vintage. Perhaps because it was a super popular color when Technicolor came out? Anyway, this is a super fun way to accent your outfit with a vintage touch! The general way is red lipstick which ALWAYS looks Golden-Eray. But you can also accent with red shoes, a red purse, nails, hat…the list goes on.

Lipstick | Purse | Shoes | Nails

And that, my friends, is it! So, do you like vintage? (Did you know I full-on dressed vintage in New York City? My mom wouldn’t let me bring my petticoat, though…XD)

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