SURPRISE! I started a new business!


WOOP! Did I surprise you all? Hopefully so! I don’t think any of you would have guessed that I, the self-proclaimed passionate photographer would start yet another business, but HELLOOO, I’M A HOPPE. And Hoppes start businesses. And yeah. So, are you ready for this? My new business is called…

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The Crafter Challenge Box!

As you all know, I’m very passionate about photography – but I actually had a craft business about five years ago! I’ve been trying to minimalize recently, and I just hate seeing all my craft supplies in a closet…and I know I won’t use them. So a few months ago, I had a wonderful lightbulb idea, and that was the foundation of TCCB! Here’s the rest of the story, which it says on my Etsy page…

Creativity, reimagined. Each kit is built from repurposed crafting items and high-quality supplies that will challenge you to create in new ways.

TCCB was inspired when one day I looked at all my craft supplies left over from a previous business and didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t want to dump them in the landfill, and I’ve also been passionate about thinking creatively. So my idea was this: to create kits using leftover craft supplies challenging folks to think outside the box, using what they had inside the box. Each box is a little different, containing repurposed crafting items and high-quality supplies to challenge you to make a fabulous creation with what might have been wasted. I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, reimagine, and most of all, be creative.

I had so much fun with this color scheme! I absolutely love mint and basically any blue, so this was so totally ME! I made the first kit coordinate with blues and greens, but all the kits will have different color schemes, so the beauty of it is you’ll never know exactly what you’re getting! It makes it a fun surprise. 😀


Here’s what I might include in any box…



I created a discount code for you guys, so head over to my Etsy shop to get 15% off with the code 15BLOG! It’s good through the end of the month if you want to wait until I add more themed boxes!

Also, check out our Instagram page! When you buy a box, we would LOVE to feature your creations on our page, so be sure to follow us and tag us when you make something.



So yeah! Head on over to our Etsy page, check out our Instagram account, and see what we’ve got going on! We’re also working on setting up a Pinterest account, but that will come later.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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