A Walk in the Flower Garden


Hello, dears! (Sorry, Allison – I didn’t mean to copy your intro XD)

Life right now has been very interesting. Only a few of you know what’s going on, and for the rest of you who don’t – it’s not anything bad – it’s all good! But…well, they’re very life-changing things. One day, maybe, I’ll tell y’all what is going on, but until then, we’ll just say that I’ve been pretty busy. :) Not only that, but my photography business is really picking up right now too! I’m averaging a shoot a week, and while it’s been boatloads of fun, that’s also made my life busier. And also the garden is starting to come on!

All in all, that’s kind of the mini life update and explanation for why I took a bit of a hiatus. :) I probably won’t post quite as frequently for a while. But I am posting tonight!


This evening I went down to the garden at golden hour because I wanted to take some pictures of my spectacular poppies – only to find that they’d all fallen apart and disintegrated. I really have wonderful, large poppies, but getting pictures of them at the right time has been rather challenging! Anyway, I settled on our new sunflowers and our many beautiful zinnias. And a few other flowers.

About halfway in I decided I wanted a couple of pictures of me walking through the flower garden, but when I tried to find the self-timer on my camera, I couldn’t find it! So I drove all the way back up to my house and grabbed my remote and tripod. I’m really glad I did because I actually got some really pretty photos. :) Do excuse my hair, though – I’m very excited I can finally do real braids with my hair again but it was all kind of blown-out since it was the end of the day. XD But you know, it kind of fits the natural charm of the photos. :)






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