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Hey you guys! So as you might have noticed, it’s been around 11 days since my last post. Which isn’t too bad, but definitely: it’s been a little while. The reason? LIFE. So I thought I’d write a quick (note: rambling) life update and post some of my recent pics. :) Enjoy!


So first things first: it is finally warm out! Which means that 1) photography picks (OR PICS – PICS, GET IT?) up and 2) garden picks up! This past week we planted a little flower garden in our garden, and little means 50 sunflowers and around 70-100ish other flowers. XD I can’t wait to see them come up! Also, our cabbages and tomatoes are doing a great job coming up in our high tunnels, and they’re even bigger than the pictures now. O.o

where-poppies-blow-9 where-poppies-blow-7 where-poppies-blow-8 where-poppies-blow-5 where-poppies-blow-10

Next up, photography work! I photographed a really beautiful styled shoot last week, and then did headshots with a wedding photographer I’ll be second-shooting for this summer, which I’m SUPER excited about! Also I have a newlywed couple shoot coming up at the BILTMORE, so yeah! That’s super fun and busy. :) Also if you want to see more of my styled shoot, you can click here!

where-poppies-blow-15 where-poppies-blow-14 where-poppies-blow-16

Oh yes, and – we got a new cat! His name is Whodi (woe-dee) and he’s a little timid but nice and fat and meowish. The other cats aren’t crazy about him, but there hasn’t been any fighting, which is good.


I got some pretty blue hydrangeas which will probably never sit where I want them to because it gets the wrong lighting but HEY, THEY’RE SO PRETTY. I repotted them yesterday. :)


And then there’s the usual: work, chores, sending Allison a million emails, and something else that’s mysterious, personal, and you probably won’t hear about it for a long while.

All in all, life is good – but busy – and I’m learning a good deal about patience and trusting God.


AND, oh yes – as far as reading and writing goes, well…that is very sad. I haven’t written in a long time, and pretty much the only thing I’ve been reading is my Bible and a commentary of John (by R.C. Sproul and SO GOOD, OH MY WORD.) for devotions. I started Ben-Hur, but I really need to finish it!

Oh, and I’ve been working on some presents for a couple birthdays coming up and Mother’s day!

So yes. That’s pretty much life right now. Don’t worry, y’all – I’m not going to hibernate or anything! Spring and Summer are definitely my busy seasons, though, unlike most people who are in school and therefore have more time in the summer. Strange how those things work…

How’s your life? And what are you getting your momma for Mother’s day?

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