Blooming + Giveaway Winner!


Hello, my dears! Today I have an absolutely gigantic load of flower pictures to share. All our trees have been blooming, and it’s been so gorgeous here! The other evening, I went down the hill to take pictures at golden hour, and it was so lovely. I can’t wait until our trees grow more, but for now, they’re still gorgeous. Are you ready?

At first, I tried taking pictures in the morning, but the full sun just wasn’t working. It was too bright, and although I could set my settings to accommodate that, I really prefer the glowy, dreamy lighting instead. So I resolved to go down later in the evening. However, I did get some good pictures! These next few are in morning light.

You can see there is definitely sun on this image. It’s bright and rather contrasty.



I stepped in front of the tree this time, to get some shade, but there’s still sun in the background. It’s definitely better, but not best.


I got these artificial cherry tree (they’re fully real, but it’s not a real cherry tree) blossoms a while ago, but wanted to save them for this post. :)

where-poppies-blow-15 (2)

where-poppies-blow-10 (2)

This is from a flowering quince bush.


where-poppies-blow-19 (2)where-poppies-blow-2where-poppies-blow-3

Okay, so now for the golden hour pictures! The two best things about golden hour is the soft, beautiful light, and the golden tones it puts on the image. It’s so pretty! Unfortunately, the redbud tree was in shade, but I was able to alter the color and brighten it up a bit.


Here’s a quick photography tip! If you’ve got a DSLR and you’re shooting at golden hour, unless you manually set your white balance, set it on cloudy instead of auto. Cloudy will pick up the lovely gold hues.


I mostly shoot vertical pictures. It’s because I like to focus mostly on the subject, without having tons of blank space on the side.


Aren’t they gorgeous? I love blooming trees. Their beauty nearly always leaves me breathless – I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a part of my longing for beauty. I’d like to think heaven might have orchards of apple blossoms that never fade or die. Anyway, I certainly love seeing them come out! I got so many more pictures of them this year, and I’m so glad. I love looking at the pictures in the dead of winter. :) If you want to see my pictures from last year, you can see them here. :)

ALSO, BEFORE I FORGET! I know I should have announced the giveaway winners earlier, but the winners were Cassia Elizabeth and Christina. :) I already emailed them, and congrats, girls!

What was your favorite picture? Do y’all have any blooming trees? Did you survive this terribly long post?

 p.s. I just hit 202 followers! Thank you all so much!

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