03.17.25 – 04.09.18


In memory of Pop, my great-grandfather, and to everyone who has fought for our country.

the poppies blow
across the graves
beneath the crosses
in france.

some remember
and some don’t – 
why they’re there.
i do.

i do
for not all are there, in France
some came back
they loved and lived
brought life to a world
once again liveable

i do for i
remember the lines
around your eyes
you in khaki, black and white
boyish grin
i remember your love
for this land you fought for.

the grass, it blows
across your grave
beneath the love
of our hearts.

Corporal Robert Richard Hall
Fought in WWII
Saved by faith in Christ
03.17.1925 – 04.09.2018

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