It’s nearly April. I can’t believe it! Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was the end of February? Now it’s finally warming up, and all the world is anew with life. Especially my grandparents’ house.

Every year they host all our new little seedlings that we’ve planted. We improve our methods each year, and this year all the trays of sprouts are sitting on bread racks under growing lights. I’m not sure whether its the lights or the fish fertilizer (note: organic) they spray, but our sprouts grow awfully quickly.

About two weeks ago, I started our flower seedlings. This year we’re FINALLY having a flower garden, and fifty feet of it! We’re planting sunflowers, poppies (my favorites!), cornflowers, carnations, snapdragons, bells of ireland, and a few more. They’re doing a great job coming up!

These are poppies. I ended up planting a good bit of them, because I wasn’t sure of the germination rate. For you non-farmers, the germination rate is just the level of how possible it is that the seed will do its thing and come up. We ended up with some holes that didn’t have any sprouts, but a good bit had multiple ones that we’re going to have to thin so they’ll grow bigger.



These are our carnations. We won’t be able to tell which is which for quite a while, so Granddaddy made me a chart where I could illustrate which rows of holes had which seeds.



I’ve done nothing to the saturation of this image – it’s just the camera and the incredible vivid plant!


These, I believe, are cabbages.



And these are peppers. We grow far too many of those, in my opinion. aria-photo-5




These are our GIGANTIC tomatoes. They’ve had to be repotted becuase they have been growing so quickly! Faster than all of the other years, that’s for sure. We can’t even plant them until last frost, which won’t be for another two full weeks and probably three. I’m not sure when the seedlings were started, but maybe a month to six weeks ago?



Lastly…more cabbage leaves. I love cabbages. And I personally think they’re pretty plants! When they’re larger, they almost remind me of a rose… a nutritious, hardy green rose. XD


Have you started any plants inside? Do you plant anything? Do you like growing things?

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