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Hey you guys! It’s time for the greatly-anticipated 150 followers giveaway!

I had a marvelous time finding fun things for it, and I can’t wait to show you! But first, I have an announcement to make…

I’m changing the name of my blog! You see, because of my marvelous SEO (juuuust kidding) I seem to be coming up when anyone searches for my business on Google, and since this isn’t a professional blog anymore, I’d much rather not have it come up. So since “Aria Photo” is in my blog name, I figured it would help to change the name. But I have one little problem…unfortunately, I can’t come up with anything!

One of the things you can do to gain entries in the giveaway is to put in a blog name that you think suits me! I know it will be hard because my aesthetic is so varied – in fact, my name is the best bet, but I can’t really use that now. But I have no doubt that y’all will come up with some stellar blog names and I can’t wait to see them!

Now…the giveaway! I wanted to do a blue theme because that’s very “aria”, but I had a hard time finding blue things. So instead I found purple things! I felt this giveaway fit the aesthetic of my blog since I’m always using purple backgrounds and such. Here’s what I’m giving away!


aria-photo-10 aria-photo-11

Firefly Mini Clip String Lights – Aren’t these adorable? It’s ten feet long and perfect for displaying pictures and cards (and ATCs and other things)! You can see a similar concept here, which Allison did in her studio. :)


Made-in-Italy Macarons! – These are almond with a passion fruit cream flavor (which I LOOOVE). Unfortunately they’re not organic, but they’re so cute (perfect for flat lays) and look absolutely delicious.)


Castelbel Provence Lavender Soap – THIS SMELLS SO GOOD, GUYS! Lavender is definitely my scent and I love scented soaps. And this is a nice big one. :)


Rae Dunn Notebooks – I love this minimalist set of notebooks! Two of them are lined and one isn’t – perfect for a bullet journal or sketching/drawing, like the title.


Kelly Creates Dream Pens – Of course you need pens to go with notebooks! These come in 10 different pretty colors and have a fine end and a large end. I had a hard time keeping myself from opening them and trying them out. XD


My Minerals Lip Gloss in Orchid – Isn’t this a pretty lip gloss color? I love My Minerals’ lip glosses because they’re nicely pigmented and stay on really well!

A handmade surprise item – I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet for this, but I’m probably going to letter or paint something. 😉 You’ll find out when you get it.

Also, I have a second-place prize of a $20 Amazon gift card! And just so you know, this giveaway is only open to US residents, BUT if you win first-place and you’re international, I’ll switch you with the second-place winner so you can get the gift card. :)

The giveaway is over on April 7th, so hurry up and enter now!

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And that’s it! What do you think of the giveaway? Here’s where you can enter with several options for gaining more entries. I can’t wait to see your blog name ideas!

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