10 Book Series I Loved as a Child


Y’all, I am an avid reader.

I suppose if I had to choose only one pastime, it would be reading. I’ve always been like that. When I was but three years old, I learned to read – and at four, I was devouring books. Anyone remember Dick and Jane?

For years, the majority of books I read were Rod & Staff Mennonite and Amish books which my grandparents had (though no one in our family is Mennonite or Amish???), a few children’s classics (Pollyanna, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, etc), and the Elsie Dinsmore series (which I adored and still do). But as I got a little older and entered the middle-grade age, I got new contemporary-ish series that I fell in love with. I read them over and over and over. They were perfect.

So if you have a middle-grade sibling, or if you enjoy middle-grade books yourself, these are my top faves.


1) The Mandie Mystery Series

I still remember being curled up on my bed, scared out of my wits when I read the first book in this series. They’re actually not that scary at all, but then I always was a timid child. However, I really enjoyed this mystery series! They’re about a girl and her cat, Snowball at the turn of the 20th century. And they’re based in Asheville, NC! They are Christian-based, and have good values. Very clean, pretty much no romance, but plenty of escapades and semi-dangerous situations. And a Cherokee friend.


2) The Moffats

The Moffats are a poor-ish family – Sylvie, Joey, Janey, Rufus, and of course, Mama – living in New York (State) during the first World War. Each book in this quartet is about a different child. They’re funny, lighthearted, and very enjoyable.


3) The Melendy Quartet

Yet another family, this time in WWII.  Mona, the eldest, wants to be an actress. Rush has crazy hair and plays the piano like a prodigy. Randy has equally crazy hair and wants to be a dancer – or an artist. Oliver’s the baby. Father loves them all. And Cuffy is their large housekeeper – and a wonderful cook.


4) The Nancy Drew Series

Who here hasn’t read at least one of the Nancy Drew series? I read them all. I’d curl up on Saturdays and read book after book about this titian-haired 18-year-old detective who solved mysteries and got herself into plenty of dangerous situations. They get a little repetitive, but seriously – these are a classic.


5) The Betsy-Tacy Series

This is a series about two best friends; what’s not to love? Betsy and Tacy meet when they’re five years old, and the series takes them through school and sees them married. It’s from Betsy’s POV, who wants to become a writer. The books are set in the early 1900s and ends in the middle of WWI.


6) In Grandma’s Attic Series

A little girl’s grandma tells her stories about all the hilarious, embarrassing, and awkward escapades she got into when she was a little girl. Ever made a mask out of wax – and let it harden on your face? Ever lick a frosted pump? Ever paint the barn with your mom when Pa was in town?


7) The Little House Series

I’m sure everyone’s heard of this series as well, but it was one of my favorites, nonetheless. It took me years to finish, because I only had the first four books for the longest time, but I loved it and still do.


8) The Caddie Woodlawn Series

Yet another girl who gets herself into escapades. I think the timing for these books was the mid-1800s or so. Caddie’s a tomboy, and she and her brothers get into plenty of trouble on the farm.


9) Mary Poppins

Light, enjoyable fantasy. They’re a bit different from the movie, but I loved these books – especially with the original illustrations.



10) The Boxcar Children

I LOVED this series! It’s about four siblings and the adventures they share together. They’re mysteries, and they encounter precarious situations. There are supposed to be a huge amount of books in the series, but I only read the first twelve because I heard they were the only original ones. They’re such enjoyable books!

Well, there you have it, folks! Did any of y’all read these books too?

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