My Favorite Makeup Products


Howdy, folks! I thought I’d share with y’all today some of my favorite makeup products. These are things I use practically every time I put on makeup, and really love. It’s taken me three years to find products that are good quality and that I regularly use! I’ve tried a LOT, believe me. 😉


First…this gorgeous eyeshadow palette! Isn’t the cover pretty? It’s quite reflective, so I had to underexpose the picture a bit.



Unfortunately, Tarte, the manufacturer, doesn’t offer this palette anymore! Isn’t that annoying? Anyway, I got this palette for my birthday, and I love the colors! I love doing matte looks, so I love how many matte colors there are, with the shimmers I use for more fancy occasions. It’s the perfect neutral palette.


My Minerals lipsticks in Cinnamon, Rosey Posey, and Dark Pink. I am very much a matte girl, and My Minerals’ matte lipsticks are AMAZING. They stay on forever! I think the longest they’ve stayed on for me was seven or eight hours – eating in between. Cinnamon Spice is a great color for fall, since it’s sort of rusty; Rosey Posey is a really lovely neutral, and Dark Pink is the perfect pink.


I also Make Every Moment Count blush palette for my birthday and it’s by tarte and on the site! I love every single one of these blush colors and it’s absolutely perfect for any color palette you’re wearing!


Clean Sweep brush cleaner – I LOVE THIS. I’m always needing to clean off my brushes and before I got this, I had some very stained towels!


I’ve searched for a good powder foundation for a while, and My Minerals powder foundation is my favorite! The color, Delicate, is perfect for my skin tone. It stays on well and looks natural! (Also – I did quite a few of My Minerals’ makeup photos for them! 😉 )


I got a mini of this mascara, and I’ve loved it! Tarte’s Gifted mascara is amazing. It’s my favorite, especially for every day. Doesn’t clump or stick my lashes together, and I just all-around love it.


One of my favorite looks is brown winged eyeliner, and though I’m looking for a liquid, My Minerals’ brown eyeliner works super well! It’s what I’ve been using and it’s all natural and glides really nicely.


And that’s a wrap! What are some of your favorite makeup products?

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