10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Without a Boyfriend)


Hey, y’all! Welp, we’re approaching that holiday that singles despise…(at least some do) – valentine’s day! Whether it doesn’t matter in the least or it’s another painful reminder that you’re single, I’ve collected some fun things to do that don’t require a boyfriend!

I’m one of those people who it doesn’t really matter in the least. I’m not in a serious relationship yet, and while I look forward to being in one, I know I’m not alone! God will bring me a guy in His good timing, and I pray for contentment as I wait. It’s still hard, sometimes! Sometimes, when I feel lonely, the best thing to do is to spend time with or do things for others. It keeps my mind off of myself and helps me focus on what is important right now. I think it’s best, while you’re single, to focus on nurturing the relationships you have, instead of pining for what you don’t have.

Mini-pep talk over. XD Here are some fun things to do!


1. Read what God has to say about love.

2. Read Kristen and Bethany’s book Love Defined.


3. Invite some girlfriends over and have an art or coloring party.


4. Intentionally use this day to spend time with your brother, older or younger.

5. Go to a movie theater and see a movie with your sister or best friend. (Suggestions: Christopher Robin or Mary Poppins Returns!)


6. Ask an out-of-state friend to be your pen pal and buy this pen pal kit to help you get started. (Or read these pen pal tips!)

7. Sit in a coffee shop and write your heart out.


8. Put together a care package for a friend. Stuff a pretty box with fuzzy socks, a mug, hot cocoa, and candy.

9. Make a fancy dinner for your parents.


10. Last but not least, curl up with some ice cream (unless you’re like me, who thinks eating ice cream in the wintertime is looney) and watch a tragic romance or drama. (suggestions: Keeper of the Flame, Maytime, Roman Holiday.)

So, what are you doing for Valentine’s day?

*also the featured image was a stock photo.

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