15 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me


Hiya, folks! So this is a very stereotypical lifestyle blog post – but I haven’t done one of these in probably two years! I have some funny, odd tidbits to share. XD Also I wanted to do this because HI, I HAVE A HUGE NUMBER OF NEW SUBSCRIBERS! *waves to new followers* If you’ve recently followed me, thanks so much!

I went from 23 to 100 subscribers in two months. It might not sound like a lot, but I didn’t really have a real email list for years and since finally deciding to use MailChimp, I’m pretty impressed. (Secret: once I get 150 followers I’m going to do a giveaway, so!)

Anyway, are you ready for some strange, fun facts? I dug out some old pictures to go with these, so enjoy!

YES, THAT IS A MUFFIN. And seee, I DO wear overalls! Can’t say they help make me slimmer… XD

1. My favorite movie growing up was The Gladys Aylward Story.

2. I rarely got to read “normal” children’s books – most of the books I read in elementary/middle school were Amish or Mennonite (and we’re neither. XD)

3. I learned to read when I was three and entered school a year early – but did an extra year of middle school, so when I hit ninth grade I did it in one semester and did tenth the next so I could graduate a year early. Which is how I graduated at sixteen.

I think I miss my long hair. Also credits to Hannah.

4. I was born in New Hampshire but since moving down here fourteen years ago I become more and more southern every day.

5. I was in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Princess and the Pea operetta when I was nine. It was a five-day workshop and I had the flu for three days. (Unfortunately I was not the princess. And they used a hamster ball for the pea. XD)

Credits to Hannah for senior pics – this is one of them! 

6. I was obsessed with WWII for years, starting when I was in middle school. Every time the babysitter came over that was my favorite game to play – that we were running from Nazis.

7. My obsession came to a climax a couple years ago when I pretty much acted like I lived in the 40s…

8. Two-thirds of my friends are blogger/internet friends – which is saying a lot because I only have six total. XD

YES, I always wrinkle my nose to the side when I’m shooting….

9. My first camera was a toy camera that I used to take pictures of flowers off the TV screen. XD

10. As a child, when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d say “a mother”. That was before my aunt had eight children. XD O.o

There are those rollers…. 😜

11. I wore glasses for nearly ten years and it took me approximately three hours to put in my first contact. XD

12. I never really crave food – nor is there any particular food, snack or candy that I could die for.

13. I can still remember most of a song I memorized in choir when I was ten.


14. I used to listen to the Piano Guys 24/7 and I got SO sick and tired of them so now I rarely listen to them at all. XD

15. I’m seventeen years old and never been kissed – and until my wedding day, you can bet I’ll put a boot to the stomach of any guy who tries to kiss me. *puts hands on hips*

HA! So, was this an enjoyable, strange, or amusing post? Enough about me. What’s one thing I don’t know about YOU?

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