The Share-a-Book-List Trade + Free Bookmark Printable!


Hey, you guys!

I’m sure most of you know that I love reading. If you don’t, you know now! There’s nothing like curling up with a good novel, or learning from an author skilled in expository teaching. I read all the time, and I’m blessed to have a best friend who also loves reading. We both like the same types of books as well, but often end up reading different ones.

The problem with that is – well, there are quite a few really good books we want each other to read, but we’re both so busy and have such long reading lists that it’s kind of hard to do so!


So I came up with the Share-a-Book-List Trade. See, every year, I make a nice, long book list of all the books I want to read that year. Then I divide it and figure how many I need to read each month. Simple, right? Right.

Well, what if I made space to read one book my best friend really wants me to read per month? That shouldn’t be too hard. And wouldn’t it be fun to share with her all those books I’ve been wanting her to read?

So I decided, why not devise a list of 12 books (or more), letter it, and package up a pretty book with a pretty list and send it off? It’s a nice New Year’s gift and a great start to the year! Add something like tea or a mug or bookmarks or something…I knew Allison would love that, and it would be a great opportunity for us to share great books with each other.


I want to encourage you all to do the same! Pick your reading partner and write up a list, make it pretty, and pick a book from that list and send it to her. You could even choose to read a book together, or the entire list could be a list of books to read together that year if you and your friend haven’t any books you want the other to read.

notice something similar about all these books? I have read all but one.

Also, I designed six bookmarks for you guys! It’s a printable and my first time making one, so forgive the mistakes I made. XD I tried it out, though, and I think it should work fine. :) I’d suggest printing it on cardstock, or you could take it to a print shop and print it on super thick cardstock if you want something super durable. I really enjoyed doing it, and it’s free – until the New Year. So get it printed now! After the New Year, it’s a gift I’ll be offering to new subscribers. 😉 You can find the printable here!



What do you think of the Share-a-Book-List Trade? There are many ways you could take this idea and do something totally different…if you have ideas, share them below!

P.S. I also want to thank all of you who offered to alpha-read my short story in the last post! I am WOWED by the number of offers I got, and I have the most amount of comments I’ve ever gotten on one post. I FEEL LOVED, YOU GUYS. ❤

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