Requesting Alpha Readers…


Hey, y’all!

So…I know I just published a short story. Well guess what? I HAVE MORE COMING. Not Watermelon Club ones, yet, but different ones about different subjects of different lengths.

That was confusing.

Anyway, I have a New Year’s short story that I want to release at the end of the year, and it needs a good bit of editing first.

As far as the details go, it’s about 4.8k words, and it’s a clean romance set in America during WWII. It’s got a little mystery…and no title.

So I need a couple of alpha readers.

What you have to do is comment that you’d like to be an alpha reader, and I’ll email you the story and a list of questions. I have a list of 16 alpha/beta reader questions that I wrote for my readers to answer, so that I can figure out exactly what to edit and all.

So if anyone is up for this, I’D BE SUPER APPRECIATIVE. I know how busy you all are with the holidays coming up, but I’m trying to get this done, so yeah…

This, by the way, is sort of the theme of the book.


*feels awkward because this is my first time making an alpha reader request*

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