It Turned Into Narnia…


…and we didn’t even enter through the War Drobe!

Well, this weekend we got DUMPED with snow, simply DUMPED. First snow of the season! Not that we normally get more than two, but. That’s fine with me, because I don’t really like snow…it’s just too wet and yech. It’s a pain trekking through the snow on milking mornings. But it IS pretty, and a perfect background for pictures, being all white and a natural reflector. *rubs hands*

aria-photo (2)

So I went out with my camera and got some pictures outside and some inside. The poor cats were beside themselves because we locked them in the garage so that they wouldn’t go out and get lost in the snow (or breathe in the generator fumes because the power was out for THIRTY-ONE HOURS!). Junior got in his exercise by sledding all day Sunday.

aria-photo-18aria-photo-4 (2)

What do you guys think of my hat? Either people say I’m really cute or roll their eyes at me when I wear it. Unfortunately I kind of realized later that my dress was a little short – I don’t normally wear dresses that short, except in winter with leggings/tights, so yeah…also this snow-blowing picture? I AM SO PROUD OF IT. You know how pictures like that can take multiple tries, especially if you’re doing it yourself? EEEP GUYS I GOT IT THE FIRST TIME. I’m so glad because that snow was cold. And I really wanted that shot. 😉

aria-photo-16 aria-photo-15aria-photo-11

Luvems was not impressed with staying in the garage. Especially when I put him on top of the fridge where the natural light was best.


He decided to go outside but quickly found out that that was not the place to be.


Random pretty succulent. Ever since Allison gave it to my mom as a hostess gift, I haven’t been able to leave it alone. Perhaps she should have given it to me.

aria-photo-12So, did y’all get any snow this weekend? I heard a ton of places were getting it. Have you had your first snow yet?

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