Jam-Filled Hamantaschen Cookies


I’ve wanted to do a food blog post for a while. Recently, I’ve been brushing up my kitchen skills and while I’m not ALL that crazy about cooking/baking, I do like the products. XD My parents were out of town last week and I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to make something and bring up my photography lights and tripod without too much of a commotion. (Besides, then my brother and I could eat all the cookies and we didn’t have to share!)


I’ve been super inspired to cook by 1) Allison who cooks supper for her family two weeks out of the month :O and 2) Molly Yeh who has this amazingly aesthetic food blog and a Food Network TV show! I binge-read her blog because it’s SO PRETTY AHHH! And her show is so much fun to watch…she’s sort of like a young Pioneer Woman. (I really want her cookbook, Molly on the Range!) So the both of them have kind of gotten me back into cooking.



For the blog post, I wanted to make something like a cookie. Because I love cookies. Also something easy and aesthetically pleasing. So I scrolled through Molly’s archives and found these jam-filled hamantaschen. (which is pronounced ham-an-TAH-shun.) Forget the part that I’m not Jewish and these cookies are for Purim which, in fact, is in March. XDhamantaschen_aria_photo_blog_recipe_food

These cookies are tolerably easy to make! And delicious. They’re kind of a cross between those jelly-filled cookies that stores sell around Christmas and shortbread cookies. Basically, you make the dough, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, roll it out, cut out circles, fill ‘em with jam, fold up the edges, and bake them for 10-15 minutes. Also, they don’t have any sugar in the dough! The only sugar in these things is from the powdered sugar you roll the dough in (and dust on top) and the jam.


The dough is a little finicky, as in the fact that it’s super hard and will crack when you first try to roll it out, but it gets better. After that, you have to make the cookies pretty fast otherwise the dough will warm up and get sticky.


I used raspberry jam, passionfruit jam, and strawberry jam instead of lingonberry jam, and omitted the cardamon in Molly’s recipe. By far the raspberry was the best, but I just love raspberry.


Here’s the recipe on Molly’s blog, and definitely try it out!





(2 annoying things: the ever-changing white balance that I forgot to change and the fact that I did my hair and makeup for two pictures. TWO. PICTURES. that is an outrage.)

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