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Hey, you guys! I was browsing back in Lightroom and discovered that I actually have a good amount of pictures that I never posted, all the way up to nearly a year ago. So I thought I’d do an archive photo dump! Some of these are from a photography challenge I nearly finished and others are just random.

You’ll find that I really enjoy dramatic black and white pictures. I’m not sure why – it’s a far cry from the bright and airy that I normally shoot/edit in. But I guess everyone needs a little drama, right? With a few exceptions, I never give my photo clients black and white pictures, so I have fun experimenting on my own.

Okay, first set! Left is from a day when I really liked my hair so I think I did some self-portraits. XD And right is from the photo challenge. I think the prompt was today’s outfit or something. Anyway, I wanted to do it creatively. (And Allison made that poster! Isn’t it fabulous?)


Embers. We had a random bonfire one day and that night I went out and got a few pictures of what was left. Fires are a little hard to capture, but so beautiful.


This was for the prompt childhood memories or something. It took forever to figure out what to do, but I finally thought of getting out my old Lego Friends. I fondly remember doing Legos with my little brother.


I honestly forget what prompt this was…oh yeah, I think it was obsession. Since I take a lot of pictures. 😉 But also I’m slightly obsessed with vintage as well, so!


Left prompt: technology right prompt: self-portrait. (Guys, I took my mirror off my closet wall and put it in my bedroom for this…it was SO HEAVY.)


This was after I took the picture of the dying embers. Sometimes the night sky is SO beautiful! I have problems capturing it, but I like this photo.


This was also from the self portrait prompt. Yeah, it’s blurry…I’m not sure what happened there, but I really like the photo. We’ll just say it’s intentionally blurry…


Light at the end of the tunnel. I took this picture of our hallway, and did some crazy editing.


My cousin. The prompt was eyes, and oh goodness, I LOVE his eyes! I edited them slightly, but that’s their real color, y’all.


Last but not least – left is just a random picture of Luvems. And right is from our family photoshoot that I did a while back! (With great help from my assistant Sam 😉  I didn’t end up posting it, but I love this picture. I can’t believe I persuaded my brother to let me carry him piggyback. (In HEELS, you guys. I carried him in skinny 3 inch heels.)



That wraps things up! What was your favorite picture?

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